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June 28, 2018

Both strategic and operational planning are a must for any business looking to find its place in the world. There are many variations in the approach that needs to be undertaken to produce a unifying direction for a business to undertake.  Once done, the trick now is to ensure that implementation of the plan actually occurs.  In evaluating your future profile you will have created a priority list of critical issues.  These issues will be laced with milestones and metrics to ensure the roll out of the plan.

My experience with implementation is that most often things don't get done without some level of accountability. Consultants and accountants alike are in a perfect position to ensure the success of the business plan by monitoring its progress throughout implementation. As consultants you go to a lot of effort to get a business on track through the planning process and then produce a comprehensive document of future action.  Without follow up, without strong leadership, the odds are the document will gather dust on the closest book shelf.  

Good business practice by both accountants and consultants is to encapsulate  a service that goes beyond the mere formulation of strategy to providing ongoing assistance in the implementation process.  Not only does it generate additional fees but it certainly adds to the relationship dynamic for future engagements and goes a long way to turning the vision into reality.

The business plan should be reviewed in light of the critical issues identified and metrics generated.  A scorecard or balanced scorecard system should be development highlighting all theObjectives and Metrics necessary to ensure project completion.  The Metrics should be limited to ensure focus of the tasks and results at hand. is equipped to handle all the Objectives and Metrics necessary in a visually easy to understand Scorecard or as a presentation tool for your monthly roll out assessments.

Try for your free trial, you'll find it has many uses to support your consultancy operations.

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